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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
*Sigh* indeed, what i wrote didnt make much sense eh? hmm
well that was one hell of a random entry there diggo....
..i actually have noo idea why im writting this, again just bored at college, peole, write entrys at least once a day, give me something to read like
baaah, il be off bored bored bored bored

Monday, September 29, 2003
Seems like quite a while since I last wrote anything here, and as Tom says "one ones posted on ere for like years of donkeys. " so maybe I should add. I've had a really bad week last week. But there you go shit happens, i am reminded by Samatha's username. Whenever I'm not doing that well at school a little café somewhere always seems to appeal where I can go, listen to jazz, drink coffee and be happy, which is why Prague seems to quite appeal to me right now.
At last we have the first signs of the winter coming on. Man, I love the winter. Anyway before you all go to sleep I'm off. Byebye xxx
watcha people, im kinda bored, on wee break at college...
where is everyone? one ones posted on ere for like years of donkeys.
well best get back to me tracing of outlines of random picked leaves from a wet tree, to somehow make into william morris wallpaper even tho i am doing a graphic design course and not a fine art course..... *cough* twas good to get that out
..odden this one

rock on dudes

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
once upon a time there was a boy called garreth. i say boy, i mean, well... i don't know what i mean by that. but anyway. garreth was sitting in front of the computer getting very annoyed with amazon and his bank (the halifax) who are being unhelpful. because garreth has hit puberty, sorry, 18, he has to change bank card. so now amazon are being annoying. and garreth really wants his thunderbirds cd, but he can't have it until he's been to carmarthen to go to halifax, and he could buy the fucking cd for about £2 more there anyway.

Sunday, September 21, 2003
i could go to sleep for years. please help. i have a full day of lessons tomorrow.

g, you have my full sympathy



my way of dealing with this is totally absorbing my mind in technical issues of website design and email address changing. my new email address is

isn't that exciting. i still feel like i could throw up again. isn't this fun...

see you all tomorrow kiddies... well most of you actually....

Saturday, September 20, 2003
G! nooooo there is never a need for spoon guard! you seeeeen the damage?????? take a look at these poor diffensless creatures
JOIN THE ANTI SPOONGUARD ... erm, POSSE, (good word)
yep yep yep, that bout sums it up, your common room will relitively rock, comes complete with spoons (completely harmless G) and £61.00 worth of kettle :| not bad going, the best we get is our hot chocolate dispenser, ...tho it does give free water.. dont ya knooow
woo party like
been a while
shall be groovy to see people again, woopiedididdleydoodledrops

Tommo ..........

...kinda bored by the way, *sigh* twiddles thumbs... whilst waiting for party.... ok, ill go now

Tommo once more
g, i'm so glad that my stories are inspirational to u. Isn't that wonderful bloggers? My wonderful adventures in Carbootsales land are inspirational to people (well, a person anyway)!!!!!
Friday, September 19, 2003
g, that tune, though i love it, is purely annoying. nothing before in the history of anything has ever been so annoying. apart possibly for that sticky fly paper.
new minis don't match up to old minis.

digby was the false me. watch out! he could be impersonating a person near you.

the kettle sounds like a good idea, we'd be getting quite a collection of hardware for our common room now. woo!

am trying to write my personal statement. so far i'v got: "My name is". worryingly i haven't even finished that sentence.

woo, party on kiddies! c u all tomorrow, i hope!

stebbo x

eh up, 'bloggers

well done leia, thanks to your inspiring stories i'm considering taking up car booting myself.

stebbs - the italian job theme tune is NOT ANNOYING! its class. if it was food i'd eat it.

also, new minis - watch it honey. i quite like the little buggers...

also: i wonder whether it was in fact emily stebbings who wrote " hello, i smell" or in fact someone else who is pretending to be her. false emily jane - watch out!!

i had a thought today. i've never really gone in for that forwarding of email business. its, for me, very annoying. and i am always amused by the messages at the bottom that say "you will never have sex again if you don't forward this" or "someone close to you will die if you don't forward this". having never forwarded them, i'm wondering how much bad luck is in store for me in the future. sure, the never have sex again ones seem to have worked, but theres an awful lot of other stuff thats been threatened which hasn't happened....

one more thing. would it not be a good idea to get a kettle for the common room? me and my master are thinking a pound a person would buy the best kettle in the business and lots of instant coffee and tea bags. sugar and spoons would also have to be bought but if literally every 6th former have £1 then we'd have £61!!! thats a lot of spoons and may result in us needing spoonguard...

party tomorrow for y'all...
love garreth
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Hey people, I did another car boot sale and ate most of my profit! Mmmm, sausage sandwich, icecream, can u blame me!!!
Sunday, September 14, 2003
Hi I needed to tell you all to go and see the next brilliant animation by Weebl called 'Scampi'. Very amusing. I have also just returned from Stebb's and have been truamatised by her driving and also I drove in the dark for the first time - woohoo, scary. yey randomness. byebye xxx
Hello I smell
hey ho peoples!
can i do a bit of advertising G? ...... OK


(see Tommo for your CD, and further information)

wow, that fealt good.....


Saturday, September 13, 2003
the last post i did was a bit of a fuck up:
i did a post a few days ago but found u could change the date-which i consequently did. to 01/01/00 and made silly comments about the millenium bug and shit. unfortunately it didn't show up on here becos it out dated all the other messages and was put right at the start. *sigh* then i changed the date back and tried to remove strange comments. but it hasn't worked. i look like a fool.

i want to rant about the new italian job movie:digby requested i did it on here rather down the phone to him.
how can the first film possibly be improved on?? it has michael caine and an incredibly annoying theme tune and classic minis and good car chases and its just so good in every way. its not too long. its british! and it has a class ending where nothing explodes in an implausible way. goddamn. now they've made a new one. ok it has ed norton (who is just great) and as digs pointed out, mark wahlberg too. but its set in bloody LOS ANGELES! and they have shitty new minis and big explosions and no michael caine wit. its called the italian job goddamit. not the LA job. becos that wud be a crap name.

i am of course only going by what we've been told about the film so i might be being cynical for no reason, apart from the fact i like being cynical. so we'll have to go watch it. and i'll need a lot of convincing that the original can be improved on.

comments, kids?
love stebbo x

Friday, September 12, 2003
dearest 'bloggers, i'd like to propose something to you. you've all heard of the Atkins diet and how all these celebs have lost 45 stone and 34 millions lbs through its amazing protein base. well i have a better diet which works just fine for me.

i call it the Brooke Points System. basically there are two sorts of food.

1. healthy food
2. unhealthy food

unhealthy food is worth -1 point. healthy food is worth +1 point. so when you have a meal you simply tot up your total, and as long as it equals 0 or above then you're ok. healthy food list includes fruit, sandwiches and school specials (and any other foods that are obviously healthy). unhealthy food includes any sort of confectionary or cake, sweets, chocolate, crisps etc.

drink wise it works the same way, there is healthy drink and unhealthy drink. unhealthy drink includes fizzy stuff (unless its appletise which is too good to forgo) and alchemehol, and anything thats excessively sweet. water and shite like that is healthy.

now the good thing about this diet is you can still have unhealthy stuff as long as you balance it with healthy stuff. and you must never eat more than your fill, cause that would ruin it.

garreth brooke - dietry advisor professional, bidding you adieu, 'bloggers.
woo yey! we can access beta from school broadband!
wudn't it be grand if garreth put lavender in the oven and it burnt and the house smelt of burning?
i just sneezed. i better not have a goddam cold!
i met nana noon today, she's lovely!
i just realised that i put an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence now and have decided to even this out by being cynical and sarcastic.

i won musical chairs. in no way did leftley beat me. as dai pointed out, my ass has a shorter distance to travel to reach the seat. i won fair and square.


[edit] i did this post a few days ago but found u could change the date-which i consequently did. to 01/01/00 and made silly comments about the millenium bug and shit. unfortunately it didn't show up on here becos it out dated all the other messages and was put right at the start. *sigh*
Wednesday, September 10, 2003
woo yey, 'bloggers!

aside from the fact that my internet browsers keep crashing and people who should know better are sending me forwards regarding hotmail shutting down (because thats likely... yeah... hmm... actually its the most unlikely thing in the world... *stress*), i'm in a surprisingly fairly good mood. internet explorer just informed me that i have yet another error going on, so i'm pretty convinced i do actually finally definitely have a virus. oh well...

anyway tis my 18th party very soon and most people with the exception of people who are pissing me off are invited. come come come. i'm going to organise a map for people who don't know where the smelly farm is, and i'm going to make the smelly farm's house less smelly by warming lavender in the oven, which if you didn't know is a way that estate agents use to sell houses because people walk into the house and don't say "oooh this smells of dead bodies and moudly porn". which isn't the greatest thing to smell when you're trying to sell a house. or buy a house. i forget. in fact i forget what my point was. sorry.

anyways... where where where's tom clements?? (*sings in "where, where, where, where's wally" stylee*)

ooooohh... tight clothing. from my point of view better on other people than me, but thats only because i'm perverted. so thankye kindly alex. now i'm off to listen to a documentary on radio 3 (no lie) about stupidity (no lie).

'blog happily my fellow 'bloggers
Tuesday, September 09, 2003
Yay! I'm here! At last!Isnt it wonderfull to be back at a school when all of your lovely bean robi friends are in another shcool, somewhere else??Yes, it is. :s.I managed to afford a present for your 18th G!Hope it fits..hmmm.I've got the receipt if it doesnt.Might be to tight.hmm, *chuckles* we'll see.
Anyway, where is every1?I'm still here, aren't dead you know!Im currently using the earliest model of a motorola mobile(no joke) because mine is currently in for repair.Its about the size of a brick, and weighs pretty much the same.
Anyway, love you all, miss ya loadz.
Love Alex
eh up 'bloggers!

i'm confused by pretty much everything and everyone today. sam leftley is having problems with his blogger account, the poor little tyke, and sam hughes gage still can't seem to get onto where you add your entry. being an experienced webmaster, i haven't a clue why. such is life...

tommo! party at my house on a week saturday (20th of september i think). woo. bring booze and then there will be loads! if you don't there will be some anyway...

for those who don't know what the whole badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom thing is, then take a look at the badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom page on weebls for those of you who do, turn the speakers up and watch it again. its class. TOMMO AND SAM L, LOOK AT THAT LINK!


school schminternet is damned fast...

farewell 'bloggers, i am off to learn about classical harmony.
Monday, September 08, 2003
watcha dudes.
well, i kinda got me college timetable figured out, i get every thursday off! rockin robin eh!
i also get tuesday mornings, and friday afternoons off loike, so all is well and groovy.
tis not so good in the fact that people arent even nearly as funny, rockin, dudey, amusing, lovely, respectable, fun, hilarious, RANDOM, talented (musicly) caring, kind, considerate, ...and welcoming as you lot were!
..... but all is groovy besides that lot.....

...i miss the emlyn posse!

lol, im in on thursday people, im confused about which common room you all gather to discuss work related topics in *Bah* now, but im sure ill find you!
see you all soon, take care dudes, stay happy, .... ill go now

Sunday, September 07, 2003
Thanx for the welcome G.
Hey i've just been taking part in a car boot sale, and guess wot I made £6.05 isn't that absolutely wonderfull, my B*****d cousin made over £30.00 and my stuff was of superior quality, (i'm telling the truth now boys and girls!) At least people bought some of it! oh well, will try again next week! Enjoy life kids.
Leia xxx
Saturday, September 06, 2003
in reply to diggers; i KNOW what you mean. that is simply the best animation ever spawned by weebl (simple things etc.)
hey tommo and leia! (woo-my explanation as to how to blog must have workle-d)

for all you arty folks; i saw Glan today. for the rest of you;i saw astbury...
it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
i don't know what i'm talking about anymore...

also i have an annoyingly crap song in my head. not surprisingly it is of the dancing variety.

there:wasn't that a story and a half?

loving you all (but not all in the entirely inclusive sense of the word. really i'd say i love a selected few of you. be afraid.)
from stebbo!
howdee bloggers,

i feel its important for people to know that your entry will not show up on the site immeadiately unless you PRESS POST AND PUBLISH!!! so thats why theres seemingly been no new entries for a few days, when in fact there has been...

welcome to the fold, tommo and leia...

ladies and gentlemen, i may move the website shortly. but do not fear as it won't affect you at all... hopefully. so be of good faith my fellow bloggers, and smile for the world is shiny and green (in my mind at least).

happy days!

love garreth

PS: Bare Your Bum at Bush!

Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Mushroom, Mushroom.....Giggle, giggle. There are probably so many people who are now going "What?!", if so, I can't be bothered to explain. I just felt it was about time I wrote something else. To tell the truth I've realised I have very little to say.....humm...what a dull life....

duuuuuude people! jeeeez wooooo
i havent actually read through the amazing amounts of posts this site has had, yet.
so erm, yeeeaas, ive finaly joined you, but Tommo was already taken! :O nooooooooo ho hum,
anyhoo, just thort id say yello, ill come into school somewhen in the week.
and im truly touched bout the whole whiteboard thing, i feel wanted! woooo
cheers ya dudey dudes, love you all

Thursday, September 04, 2003
Hi fellow bloggers, just a quick note to say, luv the site Garreth, thanx for the invite for it. Probably not many people know me but i'm a mate of Stebbo's, I met some of you at Stebbo's party but maybe u don't remember me, anyhow i'm here now. Kepp on bloggin'!
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
bore da, 'bloggers!

we can post on the website within the confines of school!! woo!! this is all down to the IT departments new schminternet thingy which is powered by broadband and now doesn't filter loads of good stuff (including weebl and bob!!!) off the schminternet...

the trouble with posting in school is that i have very little to say.

i shall think of something soon and return shortly.

good bye bloggers


hello again bloggers!!

a breif question. is anyone else unable to sign themselves into hotmail. can anyone get onto msn messenger? i think hotmail has gone down!! i am completely unable to check my hotmail, i cannot sign into ebay using my msn passport (similar to hotmail), and msn messenger won't let me sign in. at first i thought i had a hideous virus, but now i'm starting to think differently. my brother said that none of his friends on AOL can sign in either. maybe its just aol being shitty. but it seems i can now get onto every website that i've tried except so whats going on, Gates? eh?? twat...

oh also: sorry that you can't view my greyhair.jpg. i'm not sure why it is, i think it because geoshitties are afraid of people stealing bandwidth and so are stopping people linking to geocities images from other websites (like blogger etc). i will try to remedy this when i can be bothered. it will probably involve joining yet another server (i'm already a member of geocities (three times!), lycos (twice) and fortunecity (twice!). i may take over the schminternet soon...

thinking about it, i wonder wether good old aol provide webspace for members. i shall have to check it out!!! dude...

oh well...



aol is shitty but i'm exploring other avenues. they've got trees on either side. ho hum...

later 'bloggers...

Tuesday, September 02, 2003
well i haven't posted for 4 days so i'm starting to feel guilty.
the 6-1's got booted out? why wasn't i THERE? *sob*

i have been experimenting with using capital lEtters in iNapPropriate places. it makes you read like the sQueaKy teen in the simpsons. maybe. *cough*

In answer to Tom, yes i have tried southern comfort and YES i have been fortunate to have become slightly overwhelmed by its moreish powers. very good with lime and lemonade (G drinks it with no Lime. all i can say is DAMN FOOL). its so nice straight though. haven't tried drinking half pints. can't think it wud be healthy for a person of my stature/mental incapacity/general lightweightedness.

can't say i'v tried typing with my nose. but then theres never been a calling for it...



Dear all,
Sorry bout the last post, was very random- the net crashed and it publishes your posts if you sign out! anyway has anyone noticed how cool Tom Clemements is? I for one would like his children. (feel free to point and laugh at me). Hurrah for having the common room soley to ourselfs, i dont class myself as a sadaristic person but watching them get chucked out did lighten my day. Btw g have you abused your near god like powers of editing posts- i'm sure your powerstreak will come out sooner or later (maybe during headboy-dom)-
Has anyone tryed typing with their nose?
Hi all. It's been a while, so I trust that you're reading this solely due to boredom, because I'll probably go on. Anyway, with regard to all that's been said since I last came here, I will hithero reveal all.

Q. How can I drink whiskey?
A. With great ease. Southern Comfort is a pleasure to my pallette, and I find I can drink it by the half pint, as some of you have now seen. To find out more, take £15 to Spar, buy a bottle and take it home with a video. The stuff is more moreish even than Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, and that stuff's pretty damn moreish.

Q. Would I like Garreth to play his organ for me?
A. Now I won't pretend to be completely up to date on all the innuendos used by people of all races, cultures, beliefs and sexualities, but this seems to reek of something. I think I already wrote about my experience with Kofi, so I'm from now on I will do what I feel is best and leave innuendo to professionals, and watch videos at home by myself.

Q. What would Garreth look like with grey hair?
A. I can't be bothered to open photoshop now, but if you go image: adjust: hue/saturation, select the colour nearest to your hair and take the saturation level to the minimum it should do a decent job. And the link you had doesn't work, I feel I should let you know.

Q. Do we share a common room with 6.1 now?
A. I' sure you all know already, but I'm just as pleased as you. I just don't feel Jason would appreciate Mini Moni as much as my compatriots have so far. My bubblegum pop thing is only a phase, fear not, but it is taking it's time, so please bear with me. Together we can get through anything.

Q. What the fuck am I doing?
A. I don't know any more. I'm going to eat boil in the bag and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. You see Jemima, even those of us still in school can do desperate student things. I'm then going to spend the evening waiting for my family to go to bed, so I can put on a video. The thing is, the only one I haven't seen now is Akira and it's over 2 hours long, and I haven't had a shower yet today, so if my folks go to bed much after ten I'm going to be very tired tomorrow. Of course, you have to remember that after my televisual entertainment and shower ritual I will then retire to bed for an hour with my book, which is Anna Karenina (here raise a quizzical eyebrow and look intellectual).This will leave me with about 6 hours to sleep before arising tomorrow. The cheese sauce has come to the boil. I must take my leave, but fear not, I shall return within a week or two.


Tom S. Clements
Monday, September 01, 2003
wahey!!! after many weeks of this thing buggering me about i have finally managed to get myself one of these new fangled blog things and can now write at you all from the comfort of my own computer!
my little sis is very much lookin froward to goin to big school, although i am trying my very best to tell her thats it's not as good as it's cracked up to be, naturally. ummm...have a new very favourite t-shirt, i got it off ebay and it's a foo fighters one, even abby liked it so am very impressed with my choice! right my socks are starting to smell, i have school tomorrow and quite an impressive beard to get rid of by tomorrow mornin, wish me luck, toodleoo
This is shocking, all im hearing recently is all u lot moning about school. im up to my arse in forms that i got 2 fillin and send back by mid-sept. The light of my heart Rhiannon's not talkin to me cause im goin to uni instead of coleg and my step mom's just died and's being cremated on fri...
Any1 know any good pubs?

*bitching over*

ps. dont get me started on bloody tourists!!